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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 31, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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everybody knows what kind of person i am. >> what kind of person are you? >> 49ers star defensive end ray mcdonald defending himself after being arrested for domestic violence. hi everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm mike mibach. he's an integral part to the 49ers. but today he's bringing attention to the problem with
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players in the nfl. just last week nfl commissioner roger goodell announced harsher penalties for players. we have team coverage for you tonight including some insight from sports anchor joe fonzi. we begin with azenith who talked with mcdonald as he walked right out of jail. >> our cameras are rolling as 49ers player ray mcdonald walked out of the santa clara jail just after 11:00 today. trying to hail a cab. defensive lineman at first didn't say much about his arrest and then he opened up. >> what do you want to say to your fans? >> the truth will come out. you know. hey, i can't say too much right now. but, the truth will come out. i mean, everybody knows the kind of person i am. >> what kind of person are you?
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>> i mean, a good person. >> reporter: police arrested the 29-year-old for felony domestic challenges -- charges in his upscale home. the sacramento bee is reporting mcdonald was involved in an altercation with his girlfriend who is pregnant and showed police her bruises. >> this younger group is, i don't know. sometimes they seem like they don't have their head on their shoulders. >> reporter: last september, 49ers linebacker alden smith was arrested for dui in the same neighborhood as mcdonald. >> we want them to be the best players they can be and not have any distractions off the field. and making unethical and idiotic decisions is really hurting the team, the fans. >> reporter: this comes as
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roger goodell on thursday changed the punishment for offenders. they issued a statement saying the 49ers organization is aware of the recent report regarding ray mcdonald and we take such matters seriously. >> taxi. >> reporter: this is not the first time mcdonald has been arrested. four years ago he was booked for suspicion of driving under the influence. in santa clara, azenith smith, ktvu news. >> 49ers coach jim harbaugh has warned players that domestic violence would not be tolerated. former 49ers safety whitner was quoted just last year about coach harbaugh's views. he said we can do anything in the world and we can come and talk to him and he will forgive us except put our hands on women. if you put your hands on a women whitner says, then you're
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done in his book. >> coach harbaugh has yet to comment on the arrest. and a huge blow for the team and the game. >> let's state that ray mcdonald has not been convicted of anything yet. but this is the last thing that the 49ers want to be talking about. as you heard from the quote from jim harbaugh, domestic violence is something the team takes seriously. last year when alden smith was arrested for dui on a friday. he was on the field the following sunday. smith just two days ago received his punishment from the league a stiff nine day suspension. compare that to the two game suspension handed down to ray rice for an assault on his then
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girlfriend. if the accusations against mcdonald prove to be true the 49ers and mcdonald can expect a maximum penalty. so what will mcdonals absence mean on the field. the 49ers are already without smith for nine gameless. bowman will miss half the year because of injury. it may be a bigger blow to the reputation of a team that says drafting players with characters is one of its great concerns. we'll have much more coming up in sports. >> there's real world implications not only for mcdonald but for the nfl as a whole. >> absolutely. i think the league already judged now by how it handles this moving forward. >> thank you, tim. according to an nfl tracking data base. the 49ers lead the league in player arrests. ray mcdonald was the tenth arrest of 49ers players since the beginning of 2012. as joe just mentioned last
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week, linebacker aldon smith was arrested for a series of arrests in the last year. and corner back chris culliver was arrested for suspicion of him and run. our coverage continues online right now on you can watch azenith entire interview with ray mcdonald. and you can read the 49ers entire interview. new at 10:00, the search is on tonight for a hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a woman in pittsburg just three hours ago. the deadly crash happened at the intersection of willow patch. we want to give you a look live of that location. witnesses on scene say it appears whoever struck and killed that woman struck into a light pole then drove another two blocks before taking off. police have only said that the
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woman is 50 years old, neighbors say she lives in the area and had a daily routine where she would collect bottles and cans in the neighborhood. so far no suspect vehicle information has been released and police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. a pedestrian hit is still in serious condition. the 58-year-old man was hit around 1:30 yesterday afternoon near lake merit. they say they are not sure if he was in the crosswalk. and the investigation into finding that out is still under way. the officer was making a turn at a slow rate of speed while responding to a call. san francisco firefighters rescued two men trapped by high tides near the cliff house restaurant. the men walked out to a small outlet at the northern end of ocean beach around 3:00 this afternoon. they were quickly surrounded by water blocking off their path back to the beach. firefighters were able to rescue the three men without
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injury now to oakland, police are investigating the latest death of the year. it happened at the busy coliseum flea market in the afternoon. >> reporter: 16-year-old jocelyn says her brother was at the coliseum flea market held at an old drive inwhen he was shot and killed this afternoon by a security guard. >> they didn't have to kill him. there's no reason for him to be dead right now. >> reporter: oakland police confirmed the death but not who pulled the trigger or why. this woman says the victim was her 22-year-old son hector
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uribe. >> she says they didn't have to shoot him. >> all he was doing was opening his car and the security guard came and shot him. it's not fair. >> reporter: it's a seven day a week swap meet that draws thousands of people especially busy on weekends. stolen and counter fit goods are its most common crime problem, guns are unexpected. our inquiries about security to the management company got no response. >> we didn't know. i thought it was just somebody that got shot, rushed to the hospital. we didn't know it was actually a homicide. >> the first thing i tell her, i think we need to leave because you don't know what's going on. we don't want to get involved. especially for our kids. >> it's very shocking to be letting the kids see the crime scene. >> reporter: as the alameda county coroner left, so did a tow truck with a later model
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infinity sedan. and relatives were left with questions. >> as they were coming, i said that's my brother. they said, i don't care if it's your brother, you need to move out of the way, blah, blah, blah. >> reporter: details are few as an oakland family grieves, debora villalon, ktvu news. tonight the iraqi army says fighters have broken the siege of amerle. american air strikes continue to hit isis targets today as a coalition of shiite malitias. today senator dianne feinstein responded to questions of president obama's remarks that his administration does not yet have a strategy for dealinging
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with isis. >> i think i've learned one thing about this president and that is he's very cautious. maybe in this instance too cautious. i do know that the military i know the that the state department, i know that others have been putting plans together. >> feinstein is the head of the senate intelligence committee. the senator called isis extraordinarily dangerous as she says it's well financed, has the opportunity to move quickly and kills with abandon. lawmakers on both political parties -- in both political parties took on the sunday talk shows to call on the -- prorussian san rebels are now in control of the strategic town. after days of fierce fighting the town is a major transportation hub. >> it's at a point where
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russian has come. invaded with troops, this is no longer a question of rebel separatists. this is a direct invasion by russia. the russian soldiers are fighting with them. nato estimates at least 1,000 russian troops are present inside ukraine. last week president obama ruled out military action in ukraine and instead calling for a diplomatic solution. the video was first thought to show the abandoned u.s. embassy but the embassy compound is about a mile away from where this video was shot. u.s. diplomats evacuated due to
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heavy fighting between rival militias. this year the thousands of festival attendees saw something they had never seen before. california lawmakers throwing coins down on to $1 million statute. the tradition to get the governor to sign their bills that could have cost the state some money in the long run. a community absolutely stunned after gunfire erupts at a party. the 10:00 news continues in two minutes.
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new developments after five people were shot at a house party in livermore. officers arrested three men during a traffic stop around 9:30 this morning. police released two people but one suspect is still in custody. anthony jesus torrez was booked
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and charged with five counts of murder and shooting a firearm into the home. ktvu's allie rasmus reports. >> reporter: third and south q streets in livermore is not the place laren jiver ever thought she would see crime tape. >> for this neighborhood. i never heard anything like it. which i don't believe i heard gunshots at first. >> reporter: they arrived at this home to find five people struck by the bullets. >> three people, two males and all adults. >> reporter: all in their late teens to early 20s. they were among the 20 people gathered at a house party that evening. according to deputies, three people showed up to the party
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uninvited. >> there was a verbal argument, they were asked to leave. >> reporter: they did leave. about 30 minutes later, police say a white sedan pulled up to the front of the home. someone inside the vehicle started shooting. >> five really loud pops. just simultaneous like back to back. just bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: livermore police say the five victims suffered gun injuries. >> to me it's unexpected because usually they only invite people they know. >> reporter: tosta says she was supposed to be at that party. >> i went with my gut instinct and didn't go. >> reporter: she spáepbt all morning trying to get in contact with -- she spent all morning trying to get in contact with her friends, her calls went unanswered. but says she's happy to hear no one got hurt. >> when sheriff deputies arrived they found two men ages 22 and 27 suffering from gunshot wound.
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they were taken to john mere medical center. there's no word on the extent of their injuries tonight. the sheriff's office says another person at that home was hit with an object and treated a the scene. so far no arrests have been made. a tradition by lawmakers, going back years may be to blame for breaking off a piece of a statute that's been around for a century. it's occupied the first floor of the capital rotunda since 1883. today when the capital opened visitors saw one of the statutes fingers had broken off. a volunteer who works in the building says the celebratory coin toss may be behind the accident. >> the end of the session, folks that work here in the capital go up on to the second floor and they throw coins down on to the statute. if they can get a coin into the queen's crown, it guarantees that the governor will sign
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their bill. >> and it is believed one of those coins hit the finger and broke it off sometime overnight. doctors are bringing comedian joan rivers out of a coma. doctors have started the waking up process and are concerned about permanent brain damage. the television host had a surgery on her vocal cords. she joked about her own death saying i'm 81 i could go at any moment. doctors say they don't yet know the extent of the damage and won't know that until tuesday at the earliest. search crews are working to find any survivors after a four story residential building collapsed in paris france. a child and senior citizen were killed. six other people are said to be under the rubble. there was an explosion and that may have been the result of a
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gas leak. 10 people were rescued after the blast. the ntsb are investigating a plane crash. three people died at the scene. the plane crash less than a football field away from the runway. federal investigators are working to find out where the plane originated and whether it crashed on take off or landing. businesses across california waterways are hoping this holiday weekend will help give them a much needed boost. the long drought has given them less business. but many businesses are still welcoming guests. >> i think we're probably 60% of what we were last year. this is the last for the summer. all the rental companies this is their big push to try to get whatever revenue you can for the rest of the year. >> reporter: officials say after the long weekend they
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will implement a five-mile-per- hour speed limit for boats on fulsome lake because of that low water level. >> reporter: the road to recovery, it continues, we're in wine country as napa moves ahead one week after the 6.0 quake. coming up how if area's hardest hit are trying to get back on their feet. >> we're making great strides. just being a part of the community. family friendsly, it's great. plus the first of its kind in oakland. a new addition to the pride festival that everyone just seemed to love. in weather, most of the bay area in the clear. coming up, the temperature change in your seven day forecast. hey there fellow californians. i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, (roar) especially during a drought.
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on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a live drag performance was just one of the attractions today at the annual pride festival in downtown oakland. the pride festival has been an annual tradition in oakland for
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five years. this year organizers added another event a parade. while it may have been a bit smaller than pride, the excitement was just as big. >> reporter: thousands of people lined the streets of downtown oakland this morning for the city's first ever gay pride parade. the rout was some what small. just seven blocks but people who came said they were excited to represent their city. >> it's a beautiful thing. i am glad to be out here with my family and friends enjoying myself. >> reporter: according to the advocate magazine, oakland is home to the most same-sex couples. that ranks third. >> why don't we have a pride parade in oakland, and so here we are. and i think it's going to be part of the tradition now. >> reporter: organizers say they made an effort to include a diverse crowd.
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making sure the event was family friendly. >> we're making great strides. just being a part of the community. family friendly, it's great. >> reporter: many we spoke with said an event like this is great for the community. >> in 2008 when i was elected for the first time to the city council, it was the first openly gay member of the city council. with these steps, we continue to make it great for everyone. >> reporter: it was just about enjoying the day and being accepted for who you are. >> everyone can be out and they're treated equally. there's no problems, no one is saying you're different. you're amongst family. >> no official count yet but organizers say they expected 50,000 people at the parade and festival. >> looks like a lot of fun. your commute it may just cost you a little more starting tomorrow. muni fairs are going up.
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we'll tell you just how much. plus. >> the devastation is horrible. but one of the things that's even going to be even more horrible is the lack of business. >> one week after that devastating earthquake. some napa businesses are still in pretty rough shape. we heard one story of a business helping other business in their time of need.
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one week ago napa was rocked by a strong 6.0 quake. we've seen the images and plenty of surveillance video showing all the damage there. tonight we're hearing that the shaking though is bringing people and businesses together. the area is returning to normal day by day. ktvu's cristina rendon found businesses in the areas hardest hit are beginning to open their doors open again. >> and instead of a clearance sale, we call it a quake sale. >> reporter: relationships between the people here are growing stronger. >> hi. >> jay came over and volunteered, which i thought that was really great. >> reporter: barbara wiggins is temporarily selling across the
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street. >> i knew i had room to do it. barb is a good friend. i thought i would step in and help her. >> reporter: it's one of the small ways that people are stepping up to help those hurt in the quake. >> it's going to be more harmful to the businesses as a lack of business. >> reporter: a few blocks away bello pizzeria is back to business. >> we got it done this morning, and got the inspectors over and we're open. it's a good thing. >> reporter: in some neighborhoods, crews are working through the holiday to restore water, knocked out again by a 3.2 aftershock this morning. napa's major said it didn't cause any physical damage. >> it's in people's psyche. >> reporter: the mayor tells me
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fema crews are here working to determine whether or not federal aid will be brought to this area. the city is already working on opening a one stop shop location for people to get help and that is said to open in about a week. reporting from napa, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 23450uz -- news. 150 buildings remain red tagged and about 100 are yellow tagged. a vallejo church worked to repair damage. this time last week the church was blocked off. the bell tower was damaged. pastor al marks told the congregation about the extend of the damage. >> people actually came to see the church falling. i mean, that's what they heard. that's what they were expecting to see. any minute now the church was going to fall in. if it didn't fall in we were going to have to demolish. well it didn't come to that. >> crews were able to repair the bell tower andfire
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officials say the damage could have been much worse if the church was not retrofitted back in 1992. and here we are tonight a week out from that quake and people are still dealing with aftershocks. >> in fact, today one of the strongest hit the area our meteorologist mark tamayo has been tracking the series of aftershocks. >> thankfully the aftershocks have basically been magnitude two. here is a map of the aftershocks. the number of reports right now tallying up to 56. the ones to report for today in fact, here's a closer look this was the bigger one the 3.2 we mentioned at 1.56 this morning. there have been a few aftershocks in the region. we had another one to report this morning to support 2:00. you can also pick another one much weaker 2.5 that happened at 6:37 this morning. that was about seven miles away
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from napa. there's still a chance we could still have small aftershocks over the coming weeks. we'll have the bay area forecast coming up in just a few weeks. >> crews are making progress on the 880 retrofit project. the northbound lanes on 280 have been closed on the 101 interchange to king streets since thursday. the project involves removing pieces of roadways. those new hinges are designed to allow roadways to expand. starting tomorrow, on labor day passengers will be paying a bit more to ride munni. the daily cash fare for adults will be going up for the first time since 2009 from $2 to $2.25. monthly passes are also rising but fares for seniors, the disabled and students will stay
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the same. the red cross will thank ten community heros coming up on friday. tonight i want you to meet one of tonight's honorees. it's -- st. joe's is a tradition for this family. >> i tell them i'm not going to be able to leave you much but traditional. >> reporter: sure school success relies on good teachers and caring faculty but it also relies on strong foundation of volunteers. those who give of themselves to
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help others. >> this school is like a little gem. a lot of people make it work. i'm just happy to be one of those folks. >> if you would like to join us on september 5th. when we celebrate officer degrano and the five other honorees. bag pipes, whiskey, throwing stones. and it's a perfect night for a clear sky. saturn and mars looking very bright. coming up, our meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking what you can expect for the last day of your holiday weekend.
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just a beautiful sunday in the bay area. hundreds of people were outside today enjoying the last day of august at san francisco's ocean beach. the fog held off this afternoon giving people a clear view of the shore. and a lot of people will be outside tomorrow celebrating labor day. marking the unofficial end of summer. but as many know september in the bay area one of the better months of year. >> you have to get out there while you can. it was beautiful in san francisco today. whether you were at ocean beach, i was at the flea market and lovely. >> the coastal spots as well. just driving in the bend. just beautiful out there. the fog will be making a come back at least for the morning hours. san jose topped out 82 degrees.
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oakland 78 and san francisco maxed out 71 degrees. right now most of the bay area is in the clear. but some patchy fog trying to regroup right near the immediate shoreline closer to monterey bay. i suspect that trend will continue at least over the next three to four hours and patchy fog making a come back right near the immediate coastline. current numbers out there right now. right now 61 degrees in san francisco. san jose 66 and still holding on to some 70s. one of the locations in the upper 70s. probably a few mid-70s out there as well. walnut creek checking in 61 degrees. here's our like camera. it's all cued up. basically in the clear right now, not much in the way of fog but a few patches could sneak into this picture over the next few hours. tomorrow for your labor day. mild cost. hot numbers inland and a bit of a training -- mid-50s to 60
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degrees. partly cloudy skies. patchy fog right near the immediate coastline. so no big changes tomorrow. tomorrow the hottest day of the holiday weekend. at least for the morning hours. a warm to hot labor day. here is the change though. this area of low pressure moves in beginning tuesday and wednesday. that will bring in warmer temperatures. just for compareson santa rosa lower 90s. san francisco in the 70s. livermore mid-90s. look what's happening on wednesday. no more 90s in livermore by wednesday. we're just thinking some 80s. here's our forecast models showing you this. some of the storms trying to rebuild. partly cloudy sky for the coast. that red contour links up with 90s. lots of mid-90s in the forecast highs for tomorrow. vacaville mid-90s at 95. these temperatures will check
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in 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon as we greet september. san jose in the upper 80s. flirting with 93 degrees. half-moon bay in the upper 60s. look ahead your five day forecast. we're going to gradually heat things up for tuesday and wednesday. and the upcoming weekend for saturday and sunday just a little bit of a bump in the numbers. tomorrow will be the hottest day in the weekend. the hottest day in the week with no heat showing up in the forecast which is good because fire danger of course this time of year an increasing concern. >> september. october always a peak. the 149th sky highland games wrapped up two days of events this evening at the pleasanton fairgrounds. the annual event featured some of the athletic events included the toss. also shot put like event.
10:42 pm
also archery out there. visitors had a chance to enjoy the music, dancing, whisky tasting and things like the kilted mile race. this year's event was organized by the club of san francisco. wait until you hear what a's monger bob melvin had to say about his team's performance after today's game against the angels. the hottest team in the national league the giants looking to sweep the brew crew right out of town. sports wrap with joe fonzi next.
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good evening everyone, welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. as we enter the last month of
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baseball's regular season, the bay area's two teams would both be in the postseason as wild cards. the momentum right now decidedly different. the giants went after the brewers. they tied it with a run in the second. in the third scores angel pagan. it was another game that featured production up and down the line up. pablo sandoval with a run around in the fifth. that one headed to the arcade. he had three hits and three rbi in the day. the seventh ended any doubt. andrew sustack drives one to the deepest part of the ballpark. that will score two and end up a double for susack. he aid two hits and three rbis where he gave buster posey a rest. and joe panic continues to impress. painic isn't known as a


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